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CompMed's practical guidelines to keeping your sex life radiant and healthy.

As part of Chinese Medicine, healthy sexual and emotional expression represents healthy state of mind and body and with acupuncture and nutritional supplements we are here to help bring this balance to our patient's lives. Sex, it's part of life, we all exist because of it and at CompMed we are trained to view sexual function and emotions as a natural part of life. We are open to discussing and treating all issues related to sex including erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, hormonal fluctuations, fertility and conception, contraception, emotional imbalance and so forth in absolute confidence.

So ...Without further ado, here's our top five tips for healthy love-making.

1 Get tuned with your partner's energy in advance. The day before love-making, try to calm your energy and clear any agitation or anger, as this will block the balanced flow of energy with your partner and within yourself. Let the sex become part of the larger meditation that is your life.

2 Foreplay begins before you even touch one another, dim lighting or sweet smelling candles, soft pillows and loose, natural clothes, music and gentle talk will expand your partner's openness to your own.

3 Don't make love after a big meal. This common mistake can either ruin your digestion or your love-making. Sex on a full belly causes indigestion and harms the spleen. Wait until your food is fully digested and have a herbal tea afterward to tone your energy.

4 Avoid intercourse in any extreme state. If you are too tired, angry, hungry, afraid, sad or weak, don't have sex. The energy required to make love when you are upset may further throw your health off balance.

5 Quality of love, not quantity of sex is the important thing. If you feel sex is becoming boring cut back on the frequency of your intercourse. Treat love-making as though it were a feast and do it only when you are both feeling extremely healthy and passionate.

I hope these tips contribute to ways in which you and your partner can stay in tune with one another and never feel taken for granted.

See you next month


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