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Master Tung Ching Chang (1916-1975) came from a family of TCM practitioners whose ancestral linage has been lost, but believed to go back to Han Dynasty (206 BCE-200 CE). Thru oral transmission he passed on a complete system . It is comprised of its own channels, unique acupoints, diagnostic methods and needling techniques. Treatments utilise classical holographic imaging, with 2-3 groupings of needles primarily in the extremities, face and scalp. There are torso treatments that often involve Bloodletting therapy. A deeper study of this unique style involves the Yi-Ching, Ba Gua, Wu Xing (Five Elements); and Taoist philosophy.

Lineage transmission is from Dr Wei-Chieh Young (recognised disciple of MasterTung) who is the source of TEAS - Young style, and is disseminated by his disciple Dr. Michael Chung.

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